Besides my philosophical endeavors, I have at times tried to help improve the precarious working conditions for people like me at German universities. Around 2011, I joined various political grassroot groups of PhD students and postdocs in Halle (and helped found one). We wrote policy papers and stirred up some dust, but I can't say we achieved a single thing.

In June 2021, the twitter movement #IchbinHanna has rekindled my hope that certain very unhealthy developments of the past 30 years in German academia might now catch the attention of a wider public. Since then, I've been twittering a lot, this time with a special focus on a German labor law (WissZeitVG) designed to retain a very large number of scholars and scientists in academia until the age of 40-45, at which point almost all of them get laid off.

I dream of the day science politicians of all democratic parties in our parliament understand that this practice exploits people, harms science and wastes taxpayer money at the same time. But I don't see it coming yet. Whatever your political leanings, if you read this, please join the effort. Among the links below are some good places to begin.



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